Order cancellation

You may cancel your orders only in the following cases:

- If you have completed the online order, but the product has not yet shipped, you can call 210-3611354 or 210-3622860 and one of our associates will proceed to the cancellation of your order.


Frequent Asked Questions:

-Has my order been shipped?

- What is the status of my order?

- When will I receive a product that has not been sent yet?

- My order never arrived.

- An item is missing from my order.

- Missing pieces of a particular product.

- Will I get a receipt for buying online?


Please call us at 210-3611354 or 210-3622860 or contact us via the contact form, stating your order number and a phone number.


In order to be informed on the status of your order, login and click on "Order Status"